Mighty Spartans - article thumnail image

Mighty Spartans

Doig Intermediate School hosted its Open House recently and showcased the school's exceptional academic and extracurricular programs, as well as its elite status as an AVID National Demonstration School. Doig is a national leader in preparing all stu…
Modeling Success with AVID - article thumnail image

Modeling Success with AVID

Recently Doig Intermediate and Santiago High School, two of our district's three National AVID Demonstration Schools, welcomed more than 50 guests from other districts who were visiting to see AVID in action. Administrators, district leaders, and tea…
Doig Intermediate is Re-Validated as AVID National Demonstration School - article thumnail image

Doig Intermediate is Re-Validated as AVID National Demonstration School

Last week, Doig was re-validated as an AVID National Demonstration School for another three years. Kudos to Doig students and staff on this well-deserved honor. GGUSD is the only district in California with three AVID National Demonstration Schools! …
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Doig Students Take Coding to Next Level

Doig Intermediate School students enjoy taking computer coding to the next level by participating in an after-school coding and robotics class that runs for 14 weeks. In the coding class, students learn how to design 3-D games using the program "Unre…
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Teambuilding at Doig Takes Over!

Doig Intermediate School finished its AVID summer bridge this week with a team building activity of Rock Paper Scissors with 105 students! It was a spirited game and students got fully engaged learning about what it means to be a Doig scholar!
Doig Earns Honor Roll School Title After an Unforgettable Year - article thumnail image

Doig Earns Honor Roll School Title After an Unforgettable Year

Garden Grove Unified School District (GGUSD) this week was named a California Honor Roll District and 40 of its schools were named 2017-2018 California Honor Rolls Schools, earning recognition for high achievement in student success, reduction in ach…

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Greetings Doig Scholars and Parents!

Welcome to Doig Intermediate School. Here at Doig, we strive for excellence. It is our belief that we have developed a learning community, where a sense of belonging is evident through the mutual respect demonstrated between colleagues, students, and families. I am very proud of our hard working teachers, support staff, students and families.

We believe all students can learn. Our goals are helping all students reach greater levels of achievement and ensuring that our students will be prepared to choose from a wide variety of options including four-year colleges and universities, technical education, or a skilled career after completing high school.

At Doig, your child will experience many exciting learning opportunities and, he/she will be challenged to reach their personal best. Along with quality instruction during the day, we provide targeted intervention and enrichment opportunities before, during and after school for our students.

On behalf of the teachers and staff, I would like to thank you for all of the support we receive from you at home. You really do make a difference in the overall success of the school and your child’s education. Please continue to spend time helping your child with homework, and remember to make reading and checking the Doig student planner a daily family activity.

Please feel free to share your time, ideas and suggestions with the school. By working together, we can continue to make Doig Intermediate School an even greater place to learn and grow.


Doig Intermediate School Principal

Our School

Greetings Spartans and community!

Doig is a National AVID Demonstration School and Schoolwide Site of Distinction. Here on campus, we make sure to establish a positive school climate for our 796 scholars in attendance.

Our Family Council is centered around the AVID program, consisting of a parent group that comes together to help with fundraising, assemblies, and events. Participants make it their goal to hold quality events as a means to enhance students' educational experiences. Our program's partnership with AVID also encourages scholars to join the road to college for future success. Parents can get involved through monthly meetings and other invites. We look forward to expanding our family group and coordinating wonderful events!

Doig's after school programs offer new enriching opportunities for students. Here are our programs:

  • ZAP (Zeroes Aren't Permitted) addresses the academic needs of all students, creating intervention plans before, during and after school. Our highly trained educators make accommodations for the sake of scholarly success by reviewing class content.
  • The Robotics Club covers concepts such as coding, technological programming and Minecraft! Participants become responsible digitally literate citizens as they work with hands-on equipment. Doig's 1:1 student to computer ratio as a part of daily instruction enhances student engagement and concentration when working with innovative technology. The club teaches internet use and self-initiation, ensuring success for the digital age we live in. 
  • Our Running Club increases the number of student athletes as members commit to exercise plans. The club encourages fitness and a healthy diet, placing an importance on overall well-being. 
  • Doig's Dance Program guarantees the ability to express oneself through interpretive movement. Students in the program perform choreographed routines in groups and individually. This program teaches communicative and collaborative skills as students work in a team to execute artistic performances.
  • ASB channels school spirit while instilling leadership skills in participating scholars. ASB members help with events and academic matters on campus. Students volunteer to help the community and partake in extracurricular activities, exerting a sense of community involvement. 
  • Boys & Girls Club develops students' social and athletic skills as they collaborate in fun activities year round. The program is offered for grades second through sixth, providing exciting opportunities every day until 6 P.M. Students become involved in extracurricular activities after school alongside a highly trained, trusting staff member. Our staff members also emphasize academic responsibility as they provide an hour of homework assistance.
  • The Doig Action Committee raises civic education and engagement for important worldly issues. Students in the committee become globally aware of social issues and exercise their political efficacy to make a community-wide change. We are proud to announce that our students are aware of worldly injustices and current events.

Doig was awarded the AVID National Demonstration Award out of all intermediate schools in the Garden Grove Unified School District. We are also a PBIS School, currently bronze and moving up to silver with our students' chronic effort and achievement! Our teachers and staff highly value all forms of success and accolades students with awards such as Honor Roll, the Principal's Award, and Most Improved Award. 


  • What makes Doig unique is its innovative college and career ready culture, preparing scholars for an eclectic choice in careers and academic paths.
  • We offer rigorous Advanced Placement courses in history, science, and math to boost student work ethic for academic success.
  • Doig is a 2016 California Honor Roll School for academic excellence and focuses on closing the achievement gap once and for all!
  • We have a supportive culture with mental health counseling and mentors for our scholars, promoting overall wellness as a priority here on campus.
  • Our newly-modernized campus with air-conditioning in every classroom satisfies the demand for student comfort in our California weather!
  • We offer free parent education classes in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. These classes promote parental involvement on campus through effective communication. Parents are also welcome to join in fun family events here on campus! 
  • Study time is highly valued! We extended computer time and library hours so that students can utilize the quiet environment to practice their study skills.

We would like to warmly welcome you into another productive school year, and hope that you can join us for the success of our scholars.